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Giving Thanks...

Happy Tuesday, Collective. I wanted to share that we had a situation happen last week where the Collective was effectively hustled by someone trying to get one over on us and it has real costs. While I hold space that this individual will make it right as they see all the perspectives involved, we at least see his true nature and can adjust as a Collective if not. More to the point, we also got to see the true nature of our Collective in these moments of tension- within the day of realizing just how much value was stolen from our property... we were replenished with the fruits of our Collective goodness as we do. For this and for so much more, I give thanks to all of you. Sending you all the feels and positive vibes this holidaze season- and if you need some time out spaces, we have some of those for you as well.

But wait, there's more... because its' hunting season, we're targeting specials just for you.... all Full Pass recreational wellness consults purchased this week will receive a free one-day consult pass to nom nom with their tofu or turkey or maybe stuff in the stockings by the fire for the holidaze ahead. We thrive as a Collective coming together and as such, my gratitude truly goes out to all of you that have managed to help guide this organism forward with me. I have much to give thanks for this year.

Take care of each other, Collective and have a fantastic Danksgiving week!


...And if you haven't already checked out the MH Chronicles, some new videos can be found here...and much more to come!

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