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Long Time, No Hear!

Hello MHC!

So This is going to be short and sweet. I took off most of January from blogging and emailing because it got super busy at first and then I realized mid-month roughly 1/3 of our Collective members were taking tolerance breaks through the rest of dry January.

In solidarity, and total respect of all the choices of our members, I held out on "promoting" what was going on with the Collective here at Meadow House last month. But lots of fresh horticultural beauty in the pantry and discussions, consults, realignments and readjustments to be made this February... so book a consult and come visit!!!

There is much to be grateful about and so much more to come in the postings for 2020 ahead. And speaking of water and adult-ing decisions, the Times Argus ran the story on the retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet 14,000 years ago. I used to caretake with the GMC up at Sterling Pond and Camel's Hump and while hanging out up in Worcesters in the late 90's... and I would tell this story and place us in context to it all and mostly to alpine visitors that couldn't speak English and wanted directions down. Just kidding. But always a mind trip to think Meadow House Collective would have beach-front seats to a Glacial Lake Winooski. But this also speaks to the minerals below in the aquifer chilling our H2Ohm bevies and seasoning the nuggets that we grow here... ;)

Be good to each other and have a fantastic weekend!

Love and respect.