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New Planting Season Signals New Beverage Flavors To Come

Updated: May 11, 2020

It's official*... the Infusionry has determined its' first flavored infusion for the H2Ohm gourmet grocery infused water category... and it will be.... a mint & lavender herbal mix with a small bump of all-natural maple-honey sweetener that will be sourced locally from a few farms in our Meadow House Collective!

*void where prohibited, some restrictions apply, everything herein is subject to change because its' life, but this is the way forward and as we go into the 2020 planting season on the heals of a global pandemic... While we've been busy lining up beverage expansions for the homestead and coordinating the planting season ahead for our ingredients, we will be expanding our CBD plant count as well as introducing all these new freshly sourced VT-grown ingredients that are going to make the infused H2Ohm bevies a totally unique experience.

So apologies for dropping off the communications bandwagon. Much more exciting news to come- possibly at the sacrifice of some of the gold-mining activities we were hoping to have some fun with this Summer... but we can always circle back on some gold panning and BBQ-ing as work on our crop drying barn allows....oops, cat's outta da bag- that's the more exciting news... we need a space to dry our garden goodies (we outgrew the North Deck / conex container capacity last harvest). So we are making something from timbers I've harvested and will mill up here on-site. So that's the part that may take up more gold-panning time than originally planned- but that is life on the farm.. if you can't adapt to a fox in the henhouse, the predators will keep going after your chickens and eggs. But we can also turn the fox into a fur hat too if it gets too greedy so there's always that- natural consequences.

And though I complain about Chicken pooping on the front porch, I have to admit her eggs are ridiculously clean- whatever dietary flow she has going on, it makes my life a whole lot happier to not have to clean poop off her eggs every day.

The idea of lavender and mint infusions (together and alone) with and without natural sweeteners seems far more interesting of a use of our Collective time- and this year particularly- as we are looking to help shape a response to the economic turn of events for some of our members looking for more sustainable job opportunities and fair-wage sourcing contracts. These members need help transitioning out of money-losing industries- whether it's because the beer and biking hospitality trend is flat and not likely ever returning to peak levels for a post-mature trend (not what I think about biking but the analytics of trends supporting that with data)... and which will continue to weigh down an economy like VT's where tourism is a major contributor. But it will also help us transition some dairy farms over the long haul as we succeed- many who are suffering from corporate and political compacts and highly-paid, lobbyist business games that leaves the small farms pouring milk out from lack of demand relative to the BigAgri supply lines that are getting corporate bailouts in the billions. And everything is by design and exactly intended to consolidate small farms out of existence entirely- which only makes life harder for our members that work the land on small farms or benefit from the produce that comes from them... So we are looking to expand our beverages and grow some more members to enjoy them as well. We make no apologies to those that would rather take our resources and manipulate our members' farms and Collective needs for their own profit-making enterprises... to them we say, not today.

Above are two recent special reserve selections in my pantry (Apex and Asphalt).

And so many of you have been / are asking about others in the Collective and checking in with me to see if everyone is OK. In whole, yes, our members are largely safe and appreciative of our legal essentials to help navigate the extraordinary changes we are living through. We've had a few members lose senior loved-ones through the Coronavirus spread. Some from it, and others unrelated... but all impacted by the reality of our times for sure. Our hearts are with everyone in this time and our appreciation to all of you for respecting other members and the diversity of all opinions during some extremely challenging times. It speaks volumes to who we are as the Meadow House Collective... so my complete gratitude to all of you for being amazing human beings. Truly, and with love.

I'm looking forward to connecting with so many of you that have been stockpiled and in good recreational wellness head-space but are now maybe looking to get outside for some disc golf in the Meadow or a cold mountain spring swim in the pond followed by a heated high-pressure mineral water shower or jetted tub experience.? Currently my special reserve pantry has some ridiculously on-point Cherry Punch, Mimosa, and 9# Hammer. 88 Keys (white/milk chocolate infusions) are in the freezer, H2Ohm as always from the source, and some nice coffees, and teas kicking around as well. The pond / mineral water showers / jetted tub might be some new options for recreational wellness plan consults in the future too- maybe part of body work sessions (by certified partner members) while forest bathing (and per previous Collective member interests).?. and similarly, the blond hash has been a divine source of muscle relaxation for me when sprinkled on top of some super dank sedative strains of cannabis. In combination with the polar plunge / jetted tub it opens up deep mental blocks and flushes away the bad juju of highly-tensioned muscles from field work. Next up for my own recreational wellness plan will be blending three master VT premium quality growers' talents in producing phenomenal phenotypes... into nice big, plump Mimosa nuggets, dabbed in Asphalt concentrated goodness (see above) which will lock in the blond hash kief coatings (also above) for a Milk Moonrock concoction** to soothe the planting season soul (and heal the body, for sure). ** The May full moon is called the Milk moon...

We're also harvesting lots of widow maker trees and those that wind storms threaten to crash into Meadow House and the infrastructure around the farm. The tree pictures are of one of the trickiest trees to harvest but we ended up with a backcountry chair out of it and probably a maple floor for our crop drying spaces to come.

Hope you are all well. Take care of each other and yourselves, MHC!


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