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So let me introduce to you... H2Ohm dromedary style!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

We're still dialing in the details (like where to drop the stickers!) but we're already in love with our new packaging functionality and performance. The clear bags are for non-infused H2Ohm and the double liner with opaque block will be for CBD H2Ohm Infusions. All will come in reusable boxes and with return postage-paid padded recyclers to make subscription beverage recycling a much stronger value proposition in the marketplace of ideas on sustainability.

At the moment, and in our professional analysis, this dromedary container is the easiest to encourage actual recycling of durable products that we can continuously reuse. Our water cleaning costs are the energy to pump our water to the surface to clean the recyclables before that water returns to the earth below to be filtered clean for a fully circular loop of sustainable productivity. While there are issues with transportation and delivery, they are not very different than the realities of the existing beverage markets. Alternately, there is an aging urban pipeline system that increasingly encourages corruption to maintain a broken infrastructure that most think is "public" but really is a mash up of privatized providers functioning in incorporated and unincorporated municipalities nationwide... so more often than not the ones calling it public are only doing so to maintain the regulatory curtain of Oz...

And all specifically to drive the demand for existing corporate beverage solutions instead- which are typically in single-use disposable plastic bottles.

So we are looking to change the industry from within and will use this dromedary system (not unlike boxed wine) for our infusion beverages and mineral aquifer waters and for high-quality cannabis glassware use- as well as personal recreational water consumption.

Lots more coming on this front, but the purpose of driving sales of H2Ohm is to raise some funding for our newest non-profit initiative (and monetary beneficiary in perpetuity of a percentage of the Infusionry's profits). It's an evolving work in progress picking up steam and I'm grateful for this. I also invite you to check out that project Web site and sign up for that email list if interested. These projects are so intertwined in a unique way that is as interesting for me to see how people access these projects and from which access point they come into it from. I'm grateful and blessed for the interest and support of those involved.

Much more to come there too, but for now, just know that the WSCBA is our guarantee to do business better than the establishment does today. It is my commitment that our Infusionry profits are not the absolute bottom line for us, but that our ability to function as stewards of the earth and producers of recreational wellness for all, is. Whether spiritual, medicinal, or for recreational purposes, our work requires profiting and fundraising within the existing establishment system as it is today. So again, my gratitude for those sending the positive vibes and "buying into" this core belief with beverage subscriptions or WSCBA membership. I am very much looking forward to your thoughts and continued participation in what it is that we do here. For those in a position to dig a bit deeper, we will be "giving away" up to 25% of the Infusionry shares to those contributing to the WSCBA efforts at a certain level. It is our intent that this will prime the pump. More info available upon request- just drop me a line on this site or by email.

Much more to come. Lots of Gorilla Glue #4 keeping the Pantry centered and 9# Hammer infused chocolates setting me to bed proper and working the kinks out from way too much desk work these days.. Looking forward to planting season which is just around the corner.

Take care of each other and have a fantastic day, Collective!


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