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Baker's Dozen Takeaway

As of July 1st, 2018, Vermont will be a fully legalized Cannabis friendly state. As such, our vacation rentals will be equally tolerant and stigma free. 


Meadow House is our homestead, and per VT legalization, cannabis may be enjoyed legally in the comforts of our home. But beyond a backcountry lodge, we have a very large Collective of: artisan growers, furniture makers, bud tenders, musicians, and ski bums- all of whom work hard for their passions and are happy to share their home grows with the Meadow House stockpile.


Our process may not be elegant but it will produce 100% legal compliance and is maintained "from source to spliff" so you can book a relaxing overnight stay and walk away with the maximum amount of cannabis that you are allowed to carry on you...which is 1 ounce of the magic a month- the OZ that puts a little excitement and boldness into your stay.  

Strains / Flavors

Some of the finest strains of cannabis and blends of coffee and teas known to Vermont will be on hand at Meadow House for your booking. A menu of selections and sampling requests will be posted / required of member guests, 1 week prior to a visit. Otherwise, the selections of gift takeaways will be limited to what is seasonally available.  

Subscription Parking

Join as a MH Collective member and get access to 12 monthly Meadow House visits and/or pop-in wellness clinics during open session weeks... with VIP access at all private parties.. and plenty of natural parking to guarantee your outdoor adventures will be free of anxiety and worry. 


Single Day Pass                          .................        $45

Two-day Pass                              .................        $80

Multi-day Pass                             .................      $150

Annual Pass                                .................      $4000

Monthly Pass (with annual commitment) ....      $3750

Early-bird membership bookings may not be transferred to others, but take away gifts are yours to share with your friends or enjoy as you please. Our growers and brewers of Elixirs (homemade-cannabis infusions) sure do love their crafts and have been working hard to make it legal to do what they do. That said, often commercial interests ruin the party out of greed and not recognizing that cannabis isn't the same as alcohol, coffee, or tobacco.

Contact us directly to set-up recurring scheduling or to discuss specifics of menu options and coffee, tea, cannabis blends or infusion preferences.  



All subscriptions are fully refundable if the experience is not met to satisfaction. Monthly plan will bill immediately for July service with fulfillment of "parking" to begin in July upon further scheduling in the confirmation booking.  


MH also reserves the right to terminate subscriptions at any time and cancel bookings without prior notice or penalty for full refund due to the potential unknowns of a recently regulated overlapping space to our traditional business. Per VT tax law, MH will pay the standard Sales tax rate on all bookings as current. Further, MH will set aside additonal funds in escrow to cover rooms and meals taxes as well as local options should they be required in retroactive standing.

Open Weeks (starting on Fridays) 

Party #1 Legalization - Independence day






Party #2 (9/8/18)








Party #3 (12/22/18)

Lining up 2019 now.



While vacation rental properties have reached an all time high in Vermont because of AirBNB, few locations are suited to the mellow backcountry vibes of a retreat getaway designed explicitly for cannabis consumption.  


Bring your friends by resort shuttles or come alone... when cannabis is shared, new friendships are created and fun times are had. Part of what Meadow House offers to our 250 (max) members in the Baker's Dozen club is the opportunity to share Meadow House with other groups for a night once a month.  We will try to pair members / groups up based on shared interests like cannabis preferences and tasting groups, as well as cannabis infused culinary evenings. Live music events and road trips to area events, food options, and music are also easily found by member on our online concierge services menu.  

Meadow House Parties

There will be four parties annually. Every member gets a Baker's Dozen ticket to 1 of these events on a first come, first served, scheduling basis.Early-Bird subscriptions through June will be allowed to attend all four.  

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