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Meadow House Retreats

Backcountry Play

Located at the Waterbury trailhead access into the Worcester Mtn. Range, MH is an ideal playground for groups of hikers, Mtn. bikers, backcountry skiiers and riders of all types.  From technical to flowing trails, the 5,000 acres of VT Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation maintained public lands provides an ideal setting to get your groove on.  


Though heading out for a sweat inducing ride might be your preference, others have enjoyed the comforts of spending a day cooking good food in the cozy warmth of a modernized cabin experience. While some guests prefer the active play at hand just steps outside the door, others find bliss in their instruments in spaces designed to acoustically inspire.  


Views of roughly 50 miles of the Green Mtn. Range to the West and a 360 degree panorama back around to the Worcester Mtn. range to the East helps MH guests harness their own wellspring of inspiration.

Meadow Triptych: Compass Points | Fragmentation Garden | Pyramid of Infinite Growth

Seminars & Workshops

Over the years, Meadow House has hosted pop-up workshops, musical events, and many random events and seminars like mushroom and wild forest foraging forays.  Not everything can be accommodated at Meadow House but if you are looking for space for day gatherings of 20 to 25, and not looking for full on wedding and event services, contact us and let us know what you are looking to do. We've hosted groups of women for yoga, shaman, and wine tasting affairs as well as office / organizational holiday and staff parties. 


Professional event photography  available with every booking- inquire with Glenn for pricing and availability.

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