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Gatherings & Parties


Outside spaces include a secluded 1/2 acre pond, maple sugarbush, and a trail system that connects with the Skyline trail, White Rock, Hogback Mountain, Stowe Pinnacle, and Worcester Mountain summits to the North.


The expansive meadow in front of the Meadow-House delivers the residencies’ namesake. Once an early VT hillside farm, the meadow currently delivers an expansive 360-degree view from the Fields of Golden Spirals- where past weddings have graced the grounds.


The Western views are abundantly incorporated into the design of the MH and span roughly 50 miles from Mt. Abe in the South to Mt. Mansfield up North and includes Camel’s Hump as well as the entire Bolton range due West.


Through Spring of 2018 we are offering some great deals on our Cannabis-friendly Baker's Dozen packages.  


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Flexible Spaces


Every stay is transitioned by a team of professional cleaners that manage the property so that your own experience is guaranteed to be positive and not impacted by the group before you.


2014 artist residents converted the living room into an entirely mobile space with all furniture thoughtfully hopped up on industrial casters.  


As a result of that session, we have been able to reconfigure these common spaces (and other spaces throughout MH) for many of the following situations:  


  • feasting 24 around a 16' long farm table

  • recording of rock bands

  • call/response &  yoga retreats

  • skateboarding

  • rock climbing

  • large group seating around fireplace 

  • work group innovations

  • tournament darts

Concierge Services


From caterers to mountain guides...​

The Meadow-House functions as both vacation rental and as an artist residency program in conjunction with a few established arts-oriented foundations in the area.


Additional services can be added to the experience including on-site chef, yoga/massage, recording engineer, and/or outdoor videographers.

MH Artist & Maker Residency Installations


MH trail networks are open to all MH Collective members- including all past, present, and future MH guests. Installations will change with the seasons and age like the trees.  


2015 / 2016 Project- Compass Points.  One part functional work of art and one part aquatic story-telling humor.  Click here to learn more about underwriting opportunities.  

2016 / 2017 Project- Fragmentation. Reflective of a Town planned by pirates, the wildlife corridors are dissolving and the elite are getting richer from diverted flows of water and racketeered profits. Seems like there must be more to this story..

2017 / 2018 Project- Greener Days. So much still to come.  

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