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2 FOR 1... blogposts to kick off a new month

So we decided last night on how to build a financial lever into the Vermont cannabis market that guarantees farmers’ thrive and that we take care of each other. We will do this by ensuring all remaining and unsold inventories of dried hemp / CBD stalks, biomass, or flower produced in past seasons still unsold gets “lit up” to one degree or another when it’s all done and said. This is an overhead of the Meadow from a few years back with the Meadow tryptic piece of: Compass Points, Fragmentation Gardens, and Pyramid ⚡️(AKA, Amoeba Court) 

What to do this year is/was the question... art can do many things, but how cool would it be to impact economics- not because of the perceived value of the art piece itself- but instead because it disrupts actual market's and the economic measures of "wealth" through thought disruption... and very much like one of our members did when he made some concentrated dabs that won top prizes in Vermont cannabis cupping awards... for which we are proud to showcase his work and look to promote his talents always. But while sharing his award-winning creations with some members last night, I caught a bit more of a spiritual lift than regular and had a vision for 2020's Meadow installation. It will be located on the South side of the pond (in red)... where water control will help us minimize all fire risk potential per insurance company requirements... but still, with snowmaking equipment on site we'll have the necessary fire suppression to negate all fire hazards. Have I whet your appetite for more yet?!?

OK, so here is how we will disrupt marketplaces... we’ll drag our 40' storage container into the Meadow and wrap it in sheet metal... made to look like a massive 50’ long joint.... and then we’ll power a few pizza ovens and smokers off of that heat- using industrial fans to draw the smoke up across the container unit and up out of the “lit” end with lots of engineering volunteers already signed up and taking on many more... and so Meadow House will essentially have a really big backcountry smoker/pizza oven art piece... but it will just look like a 50’ joint burning when we throw a few Summer BBQ’s and light it up for cooking. It is much more contained (ha- that’s a bad pun) than like a burning man style structure... AND... we will use the revenue we generate to buy hemp at rates relative to what we raise and can contribute collectively... so if this idea resonates, get involved and contact me. I put it into the ethos without care of its' survival beyond conceptual. That said, it would be, the ever looping smoke circle paying it forward to the scale that is needed.

In thinking about next season, we’re expanding our hemp grow at the dairy farm and not here... so what to do with the Meadow this year has been in the back of my mind and then... pop....just like that (plus some super potent concentrated THc) this one came about... I figure instead of a corn maze, labyrinth trail, or another meadow gardens design... we’re gonna open it plus to our members to make donations, buy tickets in support, and come BBQ with us this summer while maybe also panning for some gold in the streams up on Blackjacks’ Hill. Looking forward to seeing this one develop... Come with?

Be good to each other and remember your constitutional freedoms as an American include the sacrament of cannabis. We will see the end of that prohibition in our lifetime but now is the time to push back on the gas lighters and weed haters the most. We do that with the grassroots numbers and by disrupting the status quo.

With peace and love to you all, MHC,


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