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Vermont's finest cannabis for the 4/20 that keeps on giving...

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hello Collective and Happy 4/20! All month. Hope you are well and surviving through this super challenging moment in history. We have a very diverse set of thinkers in our crew, so whatever you believe about issues of the day, I only ask that you respect the discourse of others and challenge yourselves to think from a multiplicity of perspectives with the core of kindness and authenticity at the center of our Collective growth.

Coming to dimensional realities near your soul very soon.

As many of you now know, I have adapted our essential services (and updated the Home Page per Executive Order) for the core essential service parking / virtual wellness consults. It is nuanced, and with additional burdens on me/us but critical as some of our members require extra sensitivity due to their vulnerabilities as recovering cancer patients and/or with other pre-existing medical conditions. So let's all remember to be good to each other and inspire each other to be respectful, keep sane, and enjoy life despite the hardships and real struggle that is life in 2020 because of the powers-that-be.

Our lead membership engagement piece this month was going to be a big happy parade of the "champagne of cannabis" stories flowing forth from our pantry to celebrate so many ridiculously positive recreational wellness consults and strong growth among our membership over the last year... and to kick off the 2020 hemp season... but we have a different reality for sure, and we will do our part to continue serving our members as an essential release valve to get their stresses out in the safety and protection of our Collective trails. The month long, bigger-than-big celebrations, will now have to take a quieter back seat as we look after our neighbors and friends. As it should...

That said, our Collective crew has also harvested some of the finest plants being grown in the country today. Many seasoned growers take just one dab and immediately know how ridiculously perfect this yield truly is. So without further ado, the pantry has the 9# Hammer and a Dogwalker x Starkiller hybrid that will leave you remembering 4/20/2020- and not for the Quarantine of isolation- but for the organic flowers that helped elevate the positivity to maximum vibrations.

Dogwalker x Starkiller up top with the frosted coatings, and 9# Hammer below with the mango-y orange terpped out goodness.

Every special reserve Full Pass tier consult comes with a day pass of the Dogwalker x Starkiller hybrid, all on the House for a limited time until the special reserve pantry is empty. While not intended to produce hoarding behaviors, I do want to make sure our members' mental health is well taken care of this month without any quid pro quo promises or strings to manipulate the members into submission. The choice is all yours and few choose to resist the goodness flowing forth from this elixir of life.

Remember that it's completely ok to feel the joy of Spring while still feeling total empathy for others suffering and struggling around the globe. This is a common emotional response to a very uncommon moment in time. We will all get through this together and as a Collective we are here to help you take stock in these moments with friends and family- anxiety free and feeling the spirit of what unites our Collective members in global peace.

Be good to each other, MHC and take care of your headspace through this next phase.

Treat yourself for staying home and grounded by getting elevated and lifted just right.



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