How we make our organic medicine and recreational delights- with gratitude from Vermont.

Pantry Connections

It's harvest season and our Infusionry pantry is hanging with the Trainwreck and Cherry Tahoe OG these days... mostly because of the happy and positive vibrations resonating in the Collective air these days- and lots of our H2Ohm, coffee, and tea for hydration needs...and some new infusions coming soon! Sending out ridiculous mad love for one of our Collective members' efforts this season in producing this weeks' mix. We are so grateful to be a part of the experience in connecting such mastery of growing for terpene profiles with so many of you in the MHC. I actually just had a consult yesterday with some new members from out West (that are hanging with a few of our longtime MHC members here in the 802).. and coincidentally... they are friends with one of the original Trainwreck creators out in Humboldt. :) Such a small world, and with all our love and thanks going out to the creators. Here is one