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How we make our organic medicine and recreational delights- with gratitude from Vermont.

Pantry Connections

It's harvest season and our Infusionry pantry is hanging with the Trainwreck and Cherry Tahoe OG these days... mostly because of the happy and positive vibrations resonating in the Collective air these days- and lots of our H2Ohm, coffee, and tea for hydration needs...and some new infusions coming soon! Sending out ridiculous mad love for one of our Collective members' efforts this season in producing this weeks' mix. We are so grateful to be a part of the experience in connecting such mastery of growing for terpene profiles with so many of you in the MHC. I actually just had a consult yesterday with some new members from out West (that are hanging with a few of our longtime MHC members here in the 802).. and coincidentally... they are friends with one of the original Trainwreck creators out in Humboldt. :) Such a small world, and with all our love and thanks going out to the creators. Here is one of the better reviews I've read on the Trainwreck cultivar, its' naming origins, and the performance break-down for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Totally spot on to our Collectives' experiences with it to date.

CBD Tastings and Trimming Parties for the Collective

The first uncured CBD flower cuts from our efforts at the hemp farm are now available for tastings in our consult sessions. Pretty smooth and tasty, imho. :) Looking forward to getting everyone's' feedback on flavors, profiles, impact, etc.. lots of CBD freebies coming to those members able to book recreational wellness consults during the weekdays and share their thoughts on a host of experiments we have madhatted for you and some conversations designed to lock in our product knowledge for this seasons' cultivars.

We are also looking for a couple of folks able to make a few days of trimming part of their work week ahead. Send me a message with days and times of possible availability. Last weeks' raffle winner paid the full pass consult they won forward towards sharing that bonus bounty with the Collective harvest workers and at our trimming parties. We give thanks for the Collective!

Farm Growth

We are not yet revealing locations or discussing specifics of our member farms in the Collective due to a recent CBD crop theft at one of our friends' farms and whom we have sourced grass sod from in the past for some of our members' wedding tent spaces. That is a reality of this emerging industry as well and it is gut wrenching. I have offered a donation of our crop and future earnings to the farm because they were so great with us a few years back. I hope others in the industry will join that path and maybe we all create a local foundation from collective profits to help off-set these issues.

But, we have been blessed and we are looking to scale out from our pilot of two acres this year to likely 45 acres next season for our 85 permitted acres. So... our wet hanging spaces will have to get load tested for much greater capacity as well, which means we are likely also on the look-out for some new spaces as we grow. With that, we will likely keep the processing spaces here at MH- and may we never lose the organic spirit of what this season has been all about! We produced an exceptional crop, plastic-row-cover free, and focused wholly on creating active working micro-biomes for all the plants in our care. Scaling this up next year is definitely a big challenge and something we'll be working on all winter. But we are also grateful for our new Collective members in the aerial imaging services industry for a glimpse into what is possible in agri-tech and managing that scale with new toolsets. More to come and hit me up for references if you need for your farms or similar.

Waves of Gratitude

And speaking of grateful, I want to give a huge shout out to Jeffrey (in the yellow rain / wash gear and co-founder of the Peace of Earth Farm and the Radical Cannabis Collective in the Northeast Kingdom) for his dedication all season to our organic farming and plant processing solutions... total gratitude to you, brother. And since it's the season of being grateful... we are also welcoming Grateful Yoga on board to help us grow some wellness solutions here for MHC members in the area and at their studio in Montpelier. Reach out to me or mention this at the next consult if interested in 1:1 or group yoga sessions... or even possibly an MHC group trip to the Dominican Republic to do some yoga and/or kite surfing off the beaches there this winter?!? We'll see how the post-harvest season goes, but after the last two weeks... I'm so ready for that.

Bibby (also pictured next to Jeffrey) leads yoga sessions with his partner Chrissy and has joined us on wash & trim crew this week. We had a great video chat yesterday with his close friend and 4x Master of the Ocean champion, Luciano Gonzalez during lunch as well! So I am super stoked to get the kids and I down to the DR this February to check out the vibes and relax island style. Sounds like the DR could also benefit from some canna-friendly business pressure to help them realize the economic benefits of legal cannabis tourism. We will do our best to play our part in that journey too. Come with. ;)

Parting Thought

Looking back over the last two weeks- as well as a season that started late, threatened an early end with heat and climate flux, and then again with some early frost warnings in September as icing on having weathered the storms. But all those challenges and hurdles of work aside, if we can capture this magic in a 1 liter growler... and never lose what it means to be in the business of making organic medicine... than we have done our jobs well.

Until next time MHC, be well and take care of each other!


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