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Meet the new pandemic... same as the old pandemic

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Hello Collective-

I'm sure you are all inundated with Covid-19 information from all directions. So I'm sharing some pictures from around the Meadow House over this last week.

This celestial time delay photo was captured by my son, Beck, and we hope to be featuring more of his work in the future. Likewise, we are still sharing the love of our local producers and Collective members cranking out everything from customized note-cards for our members to CBD wellness products to full spectrum deliverance speeches in our social congregation of freedom- albeit socially distanced a bit these daze.

So I'm calling on you, the Collective members, to chip in how and where you can, and so we can lift those in our fold that have been displaced from work and earnings over the next few weeks and months. The MHC is working with members and retail partners around the region currently looking to establish our H2Ohm as a more sustainable and locally sourced alternate to plastic single-use packaging of water bottles...

with the crisp refreshing live water experience that most of you have sampled up here at the MHC over our recreational wellness consults. There are links to copper minerals reducing the spread of the Coronavirus and that is exactly the trace mineral that adds some sparkle and pop to our source waters- and at the perfectly safe and tested levels for humans.

And we're giving 80% of our net-profits to those in need and able to sell into their established networks as qualified go-getters that refuse to let a quarantine or chaotic economic landscape deter their bringing real value to those that would otherwise be buying less quality bottled water from large global corporations. Unlike the hoarding and panic buying shortages of water supplies, our annual water subscriptions- $275 for 5 gallons monthly or $650 for 5 gallons weekly- are significantly more affordable to purchase as an annual subscription. Maybe more importantly, our subscription plans bring the peace of mind that supplies will never run out or need to be hoarded away like a zombie movie.

If anything this pandemic has proven, it's that we need to acquire groceries smarter, not harder. If in the process, we can reduce plastic waste and increase our members' quality of life, then it is a worthy use of our time and I hope you all can help us champion a more considered path forward in this respect.

The soup is also with props to Beck for making and credit for the chocolate-caramel cake goes to my girls, Hadley and Thea whom many of you have also met up here before in between our consults and group sessions.

We're also preparing to restore the old rock wall on the Eastern side of our farm and looking to fix up the Sugarhouse. And we're looking into some opportunities to generate additional budget to make that a reality for our members to come hang in and hopefully get some of our Collective working on in this way.

Also- if you know of folks that had an event cancelled by their venue or had wedding cancellations as a result of the Covid19 quarantine this Spring, we have up to 5 slots available in the Fall and always happy to reward the positive matchmaking.

There is an online wedding registry on top of me looking for a commission structure on those bookings but they will not get behind cannabis weddings- so I'm not sure I want to put our cannabis freedoms in Vermont back in the closet to make a quick sale... you know? But in this economy, that is money that can help us all Collectively so we all have to wrestle with moral consistency in some ways, but we have been blessed in the couples that found us here at Meadow House and remain part of our broader family. I hope to keep that vibe going regardless of who books, and how these events come together.

As for the Stay at Home order, it is real and will help flatten the curve of this viral spread. We are all doing our part. But we are definitely still here for your wellness needs and have been declared essential services- as mental wellness and physical health absolutely are. Vermonters are still regularly using the State Forest across from Meadow House for a walk and exercise and you equally are allowed to get out for your own mental sanity. We are still booking virtual / curb-side consults for those using our trails here if that added security of a protected space is part of your wellness plan.

Lots more to come but I hope y'all are staying of sound mind and sticking to your own recreational wellness plans! No guilt if you are straying from the plan a bit or finding your consumption of coffee, water, cannabis or even TP higher than normal- all about adjusting to the new normal. Quarantines will and can do that.

Remember to check in on each other and take care of yourselves, MHC!


P.S. Chicken sends her regards. If there is anything to learn about this girls' survival through this last Winter completely free-range and uncaged... it's that you have to soak up the sun when it's there and bury into the layers of warmth when the storms come in. Peace

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