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New Items In The Pantry!

Hey MHC!

Some fun news and a quick reminder that you can schedule recreational wellness consults for the weekend (and week ahead) at:

The next 5 bookings will get a free glow-in-the-dark, smokey-pokey stick that is made by our friends (and MHC members) at, Put That In Your Pipe & Poke It! They are available in singles as well as sets of 3 and 5 at the online store: Many of you will remember participating in some of the R&D and market research sessions for this new product. I could go on-and-on about how the coated metal "stick" makes resin removal from glassware ridiculously easy compared to other solutions- but you likely heard or seen me do that by now. ;) The night glow is surprisingly more useful than one might have originally thought possible for this product.. and they can always double as ornaments on holiday trees or for augmented seasonal decorations. Please go support this work of one of our own, or grab a free one by booking a consult with me before Friday. Along those same lines, we have commissioned some labeling design ideas for the Infusionry pantry as well. The labels in the second picture are a basic research prototype to visualize the root concept in our preliminary testing / R&D phase... but you get the idea. Glass storage for the win.

And for each jar that gets recycled back to us this week, members will get a ticket that will go i