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Parts & Parcels

I'm going to recycle and modify a personal Facebook post a bit for this blog and hope our Collective is doing well! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend and so great to reconnect and meet some new members this past week. I feel blessed that y'all trust in our work here.

And it is always fun to onboard members into this group of cannabis professionals and connoisseurs. For us, having balanced recreational wellness plans that provide for increased healthy behavioral as critical as going to a gym, library, and religious celebration for the enrichment of body, mind, and spirit. I still need to explore that topic of "who we are as a Collective" but we keep growing and I'm trying not to define trends with labels or add limitations to our growth. Whether the congregation exploring spiritual cannabis reform laws, or as the collective picking up infused body lotions from our farm along with some edibles for the spatial-temporal time traveling recreation so many of us crave to align our souls with the earth... and our members are some of the most highly-functioning conversational stoners that I've met though- and many see the 30% potency cap in S.54 (Vermont's proposed "regulation bill" that was written by corporate insiders) as extremely limiting in our ability to not only use it medicinally for pain management, but also recreationally, it eliminates all value-added markets for cannabis professionals to apply their immediate skills and trades... Worse though, spiritually, this cap limits the production and sale of "retail" sacraments and in our potential to find higher paths of enlightenment through portals of concentrated meditation. What is recreational for some may not be the same as others, but legislators keep overlaying a faulty construct of equating cannabis to alcohol.

But, some of y’all may have smelled the leftover floral scents this weekend from this beautiful batch of organic indoor Gorilla Glue #4! Which is cured out and you can see the remnants of the black out plastic on the windows from the dry and trim stages here- but it also means we have this space back for recreational wellness consult sessions.