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I'm going to recycle and modify a personal Facebook post a bit for this blog and hope our Collective is doing well! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend and so great to reconnect and meet some new members this past week. I feel blessed that y'all trust in our work here.

And it is always fun to onboard members into this group of cannabis professionals and connoisseurs. For us, having balanced recreational wellness plans that provide for increased healthy behavioral as critical as going to a gym, library, and religious celebration for the enrichment of body, mind, and spirit. I still need to explore that topic of "who we are as a Collective" but we keep growing and I'm trying not to define trends with labels or add limitations to our growth. Whether the congregation exploring spiritual cannabis reform laws, or as the collective picking up infused body lotions from our farm along with some edibles for the spatial-temporal time traveling recreation so many of us crave to align our souls with the earth... and our members are some of the most highly-functioning conversational stoners that I've met though- and many see the 30% potency cap in S.54 (Vermont's proposed "regulation bill" that was written by corporate insiders) as extremely limiting in our ability to not only use it medicinally for pain management, but also recreationally, it eliminates all value-added markets for cannabis professionals to apply their immediate skills and trades... Worse though, spiritually, this cap limits the production and sale of "retail" sacraments and in our potential to find higher paths of enlightenment through portals of concentrated meditation. What is recreational for some may not be the same as others, but legislators keep overlaying a faulty construct of equating cannabis to alcohol.

But, some of y’all may have smelled the leftover floral scents this weekend from this beautiful batch of organic indoor Gorilla Glue #4! Which is cured out and you can see the remnants of the black out plastic on the windows from the dry and trim stages here- but it also means we have this space back for recreational wellness consult sessions.

There’s unfortunately also a lot of local smear politics going on right now and I’m going to stay lifted on the high path and on positive vibes forward. I am grateful that I have built this place from our Meadow House cabin roots... and that my kids and I get to rent out spaces here at Meadow House for weddings, events... and that I have used our farm pretty much as I liked for 30 years now with total freedoms- worth every penny of investing in land as a drummer- and to have that space and no one to complain about my lifestyle is, well... priceless.

And that we get to share these spaces and make recreational magic in our Infusionry pantry for so many wonderful people a reality- well, it is a calling to me. And we will continue to do so even if it means less laundry can be done at hotels or beer made with our water units for others’ exports off of these claims downstream of us and that we will continue growing into instead. Because this is exactly why I moved here and bought this place and also why VT legislators have been dragging ass on cannabis legalization since 2014...ok actually going way back to the 90's when they should have legalized but by 2014... the data of public perception caught up to the point of diminishing returns on the lies propping up the War on Drugs- and we're just being honest about it all... and so many corporate Democrats, here in VT and nationally as well, know it has to do with racketeering economic realities away from some and for their big party campaign contributors... and ergo, the system is corrupt af.

I want to believe we can be part of the change, but when money that large is dangled in front of the Republic (corporate profits lure DEM and GOP often without prejudice), they will do whatever they can to control the spoils and justify the massive takings- like they just did with the regulated opioid epidemic of the 90's and 2000's... remember those greatest hits of sensible regulation.?.

And I'm not looking to get political as I'm mentally healthier when I'm ignoring the corruption... but right now cannabis industries' bigger threat is those "do-gooders" costumed as sheep in the regulatory pens of the masses- claiming the "public good" is just up ahead while delivering the "public bad" and the path to slaughter... so we teach our Collective members how to read legalese and how to interpret the lobbyist dollars being spent to sell you "legalized Cannabis" that is anything but a sane path forward for our societal well-being... because the statutes being written are ALLLLL for the few corporate masters that are looking to capture the early inside edge because of their entitled-ness and existing wealth ad political influence. Remember the 1700's and the heavy-handedness of the Monarchy on the farmers and settlers of America??? We can have our own "infused tea" party now too... see below, we're developing a nice chocolate, coffee, blended cannabis infusion combo that takes down the jitters of those detoxing off of straight coffee. Independence Elixir? IDK yeti... brainstorms?

But regardless of the punches, we keep bouncing and finding a different way to make money off of our land... and when we do, the oppositional forces of our freedoms throw up more obstacles or bond more spending to make it costlier to live... and for what it’s worth... I pay $20k annually in property taxes. So by shifting into a farm status, that would drop our property tax payments out considerably... which is why the regulators keep tweaking S.54 to be even more of a corporate-controlled wealth project for the few elite State insiders that give the most campaign contributions..and cannabis farmers will get cut out from the age old tradition of “farming” .. politics-as-usual.

So to all the haters of our success as a farm and to all the manipulators of influence that tried to engineer an alternate reality for me- keep spreading your filth and lies and pretending you are doing good. My children see the truth now and recognize the darkness of politics because of those specific choices and by some very “rotted apples”.

Should I be apologetic that I choose to rise above their evil and dark corporate predatory behavior and simply speak truth to power so to never let it happen again?!? Should I be afraid of their fake authority? Should I welcome global corporate or even local commercial exploitation into my world??? Nope.

And then there is our opposition's intentions of telling the world a plant that kills no one ever is worth regulating as good as they have done with fentanyl... or even say, alcohol.. and while the booze and the sugar and the caffeine that they ingest all day long (mostly without thought) are drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year?!? Nah... all good on the morality lectures by way of the nanny-state Vermont is rapidly becoming. The fear some have of alcohol sales plummeting- as they are in Canada and other fully legal markets- is driving this legislation more than the voices of the cannabis community itself and that is sad... so they feel the need to design the system to minimize "their" peoples' economic downward trends- IOW, they are racketeering laws to benefit some and not others. .

So I'm working on opportunities to crash the legislation if it passes and then we can legally bring it before the Courts to expose the fraud of it from the start. We need funding support for some legal work to make this an actual reality.

Whether just one $20 donation, or $20 a month for $240 annually (12- $20 donations online)... this will help us build out the organization we are designing collectively to protect the interests of our professional community- because politicians have no expertise in this industry other than cherry-picking certain “experts” to testify.. and so they choose to listen to selectively gathered facts and testimony.. that screws all of us over with all of their rhetoric of the ages.

I appreciate all the support from cannabis community and thank all that have recognized our intent has always been to protect the community for the plant and people and not the profits that a few think is their golden ticket past the rest of us...and we will fight on with your support at:

To help underwrite this, we also are taking group bookings for weekend space rentals with roof-deck usage included here at Meadow House. We can host a business retreat, family get-togethers, or you can lottery off the day or evening as a marketing raffle among your clients and friends... to enjoy a VT cannabis-friendly hang at Meadow House. Infusions and deeper partner-catering options are available and can be discussed on visit and with further pricing discussions. Book a Recreational Wellness Consult and let's discuss further:

Be good to each other and let's take care of this planet- how lucky are we that we have this moon cycling around us that is this ridiculously cool... and it is so in tune with the waves of oceans and fertility cycles... we are lucky creatures for sure... Peace to all.


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