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There's Gold in Them Hill's (and we know where the stash is)...

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Hey Collective!

I fell off the blog posts while harvest was kicking and we crushed it! What a great season, and I want to thank all involved. I've thanked folks on FB and where we gather, but I want to give another shout out to the planting and summer tending crew and of course the harvest crew! We're taking our time to quality check and process through a lot of hard work from this year and ridiculously stoked to get it infused in our H2Ohm wicked soon! But here's a twist! We might need to call our water bevies H2Au ...and here's why!

I’ve been studying our local rocks and minerals here at Meadow House and surrounding... looking for what makes our water taste so great (crisp) and the cannabis grow like it does (ridiculously meaty flowers)! And I've studied Natural Resources since majoring in it at UVM in the early 90's... I learned about water and geology, and wildlife corridors... it was a great program and I definitely enjoyed understanding the recreational spaces within wilderness for a long time... that's a huge part of many Vermonters' internal centeredness- a connection with nature. So while I push back on the injustices of the systems of status quo, let me not forget to thank those older than me that walked the miles before me and gave / left me their insights and wisdom- I am grateful to real teacher's and not defender's of dogmatic institutions. We all have to do the dance of moral consistency and economic reality.. but we t