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Time flies as they say...

Happy Holidazed & Confused, MHC!!!

Crazy how a couple weeks can slip by on you when you are trying to do these weekly blog posts... there will be more slips, but I am grateful to those of you that take the time to read and appreciate the journey we are all on. To you, my gratitude and continued commitment.

First off, have a taste. Kick back, and think about dropping into this 9 Pound Hammer stash (up above if on a mobile phone or over here -->)

Since the last blog post was slightly vague with lots of follow-up questions by members offline...and in light of recent industry frauds in our neck of the woods, I'll share a bit more.

At the risk of overshadowing the holidaze vibes and good cheer, this is totally unrelated to us... but questions are asked because of his proximity to us. This happened this week here locally and the store owner is someone that popped-up here in Waterbury Center to try to cash in on the bandwagon like so many other hustlers and thieves have over the years on different fronts. While he